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Podcast: Fighting Data Fatigue and Using Intuition as an Algorithm

Devotees of B movies will no doubt remember the culminating moment in the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane. “That’s it! I’ve had it with these m***********g snakes on this m***********g plane!” Samuel L. Jackson’s character infamously bellows, understandably exasperated after hours spent battling serpents at 36,000 feet.

As fed up as Jackson was with snakes, today’s marketers are feeling equally exhausted by data. We’ve spent years collecting and scrutinizing data – tallying clicks and Retweets, peering at dashboards full of visualizations, you know the drill.

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How to track the ROI of Olympic sponsorships

Everyone knows the Olympics aren’t just a series of competitions to anoint the best athletes, but also the World championships of brand advertising. On the Monday after the summer fortnight, people around the water cooler will be talking more about the ads than the events themselves.

But do all those hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ads really produce ROI for sponsors? Those answers have been historically -- and notoriously -- elusive for marketers. Social listening platforms can only share metrics on fluffy concepts like buzz and reach.

Today, innovative approaches are helping brands to directly measure how paid sponsorships can affect the bottom line, down to the dollar. The process starts with measuring revenue-driving conversations within target audiences on platforms like Twitter.

So how does it work?

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Forrester MARKETING 2016: Top Data Sessions

Forrester’s MARKETING 2016 kicks off this Tuesday in New York, and if you’re a seasoned marketing conference attendee, you surely know the rush of a great session.

It’s that sense of calming clarity when a confusing topic suddenly becomes simple. Or that satisfaction when you discover that missing piece needed to enact a strategy, grow a metric or make a persuasive case to the bosses  When a conference session connects, it makes all that travel time cramped in an airplane worth it. 

But there are also those sessions that are fun and full of futuristic tech but not really useful to your day-to-day needs. Or the ones that make you blink and ask, “Wait, why am I here?”, like that time you thought you were going to hear about targeted messaging but ended up in an alien lecture about APIs and cloud infrastructure.

The key to a productive conference is a little focus and planning, of course. One person’s insightful discussion is another person’s retread of old news. It’s easy to end up in a session intended for some other audience if you focus on the flashiest speakers instead of the questions your business needs to answer.

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Exclusive Leadership Whitepaper

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer has always been somewhat nebulous. CMOs are held accountable to drive increasingly hard-to-control outcomes – and the recent proliferation of new technologies have only further complicated things.  

As a result, marketing leaders are asking themselves What kind of CMO am I, What kind of CMO do I want to be, and How do I get there?
And that’s where explanatory analytics comes in. Explanatory analytics looks not only at which results marketing is driving, but also why, with whom, and how to change them. That knowledge allows marketers to shape their own roles, reinvigorate their relationships with their CEOs, and bridge internal silos across departments.

This whitepaper looks at Deloitte's five CMO archetypes, and examines how explanatory analytics unlocks the potential of each kind of marketing leader. 

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Quantifind to Sponsor Forrester’s MARKETING 2016

Quantifind is thrilled to announce its role as a Gold Sponsor of Forrester Research’s MARKETING 2016 conference, running April 26-27 in New York. If you’re a marketer looking to translate consumer data into actionable strategies, Forrester analysts have been on the bleeding edge of marketing’s evolution into a more analytics-driven discipline. With speakers that include not only Forrester experts but also CMOs and other senior execs from leading companies such as Google, Macy’s, eBay and Johnson & Johnson, MARKETING 2016 will offer much to discuss, debate, share, and learn.

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How Data-Driven Marketing is Like Predicting the Oscars

The Academy Awards are less than a week away— which means movie enthusiasts are making their final picks for this year’s Oscar pools.

Will Revenant director Alejandro Iñárritu becomes the first back-to-back Best Director winner in more than six decades? And will Leonardo DiCaprio, winless in four previous acting nominations, finally earn his gold statue?

We’ll know soon enough. But in the meantime, some people are putting serious math behind their predictions. Like sports, elections and other contests that command public interest, the Oscars have inspired a cottage industry of data-driven prognosticators.

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Quantifind closes $30 million funding round

Today I’m extremely proud to announce the closing of a $30 million funding round, led by our friends at Cathay Innovation. Earlier investors Redpoint Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital, and AME Cloud Ventures have also joined the round, which is a wonderful affirmation of our vision.

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Data Culture and Change Champions

With the rise of all things big data, marketing analytics, and social data, it is no wonder there’s been a mad scramble to redefine how we, as corporate citizens, think about our consumers.  

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Marketers: Use Data to Persuade the Boss

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but marketing’s data honeymoon is over.

For the last few years, every time a higher-up asked for a progress report, marketers have been able to point to a growing list of easy-to-count metrics: increases in Retweets, Pins, Likes, upvotes, and impressions; lower costs-per-click; improved engagement; and so on. It was grand while it lasted.

But bosses have started demanding something better. The aforementioned metrics might be easy to track but they don’t easily convert into effective strategies.

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Selection Bias: Origins and Mitigation

At Quantifind, we use Statistics and Machine Learning to discover social media data patterns that impact our customers' KPIs. A major emphasis is to ensure that our algorithmic insights are representative of our customers' user base, and not just those users for which we can gather data. In this blog post, we discuss selection bias, whereby non-uniformly sampled data can induce bias on the inferred results, and briefly survey selection bias mitigation techniques.

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